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Friday, July 20, 2012



I am hesitant  to toot my own horn, as it were, however, here it is--"toot, toot"!  I have decided that since this book meets my own criteria, then, so be it!  After all, I do love to write to inspire woman!

Here is the spiel: I had epiphany at 50, realizing that it was not the end of the world—but I could see it from there.  This smack on the head by the menopause fairy motivated me to write Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader (EYIC) and a previous book on the same eye-opening midlife topic.  That book,Water Running Downhill! Words of Empowerment for Women in Midlife, was self-published.  Through my personal experience, I feel that I am an expert on the subject matter.

Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader reveals the feelings of change and empowerment that accompany entering that 40-60 something rite of passage for women.  EYIC contains poetry as “messages” written with a delightful sense of humor.  Some of the themes that this book speaks to include: discovering your creativity, exploring who we really are, the strength of women, quality of life, growing up—again!, gratitude, and dealing with the physical part of aging.  These messages strive to engage the reader, encouraging the emergence of their own “inner” cheerleaders!  You go girls! 

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May's Guest Jan Lundy, Writer, Mentor, Speaker, & Spiritual Retreat Facilitator!

Blessings joan-zone readers!  It is May, and I want to welcome Jan Lundy, speaker, writer, mentor and spiritual retreat facilitator and director, as a guest on the joan-zone!  Wow, Jan, I just can’t imagine how you have time to sleep!
Hello Joan. Thank you so much for inviting me to visit today. It’s a pleasure to be here with you and your wonderful readers. I sleep very well, thank you, and it’s all due to living mindfully with tremendous self-compassion. I’ll talk a little more about that later.
--Jan, how did you make the transition from classroom teacher to teacher of courses for inner peace?
For ten years I was in a public school classroom teaching Comparative Religion courses. Early on I noticed the common threads that ran through all of the world’s religious traditions: love, compassion, peace, generosity and more. When my children were very young I opted out of teaching to be home with them but my heart never left the classroom. I consider myself a “born and bred” teacher and a forever student. I love to learn and facilitate the learning of others.
Fast forward a few years, and I was back “teaching,” but this time in the public sector, corporate America. I became a personal/professional growth trainer and public speaker. Fast forward some more, add in a significant “awakening” due to a health challenge, and I found myself teaching what I most had to learn—how to be calm when life felt completely overwhelming. 20 years later, I’m still doing that but more often than not, on the Internet: teaching courses, offering online retreats, and creating supportive communities. With so many of us feeling like Energizer Bunnies (we just keep going and going!), dealing with off-the-chart worry, stress and anxiety, I’m happy to share the inner peace practices I’ve found so helpful in my own life.
--When and how did you begin your syndicated magazine column at Women’s Lifestyle?
It was in my early writing years and I was creating reflective essays for local newspapers. I happened upon a women’s magazine in West Michigan and contacted the editor. I submitted a piece, not knowing that the magazine was in its infancy (2nd issue) and it was accepted. That was 14 years ago. I’ve been writing a monthly column as their “Lifestyle Writer” ever since. The experience really helped hone my writing skills, and the columns (over 170 of them) have served as fodder for my books and classes. Over the years, I’ve written for many publications, in print and on the Internet, and maintained a couple of blogs. To date, I’ve had nearly 1,000 articles published. Yep, lots of writing! (Did I mention I love to write?)
--You have several books that encourage women in their personal and spiritual growth--Coming Home to Ourselves: A Woman’s Journey to Wholeness; Awakening the Spirit Within; and Perfect Love; How to Find Yours and Make it Last Forever.  Does this writing come easily to you, and what does it teach you personally?
Writing does come easily to me, though I am not a trained writer. I never took a formal course except how to write a term paper in high school. I never expected to become a professional writer. I came to it as a result of health challenges (via journaling) and it helped me calm down, get clear, and begin to release toxic emotions so I could reclaim my health. Today, I use writing as a form of spiritual practice. It connects me with my truest self and the Sacred as I understand it. I love to write because it teaches me about everything—especially how to live—and about myself. Once you’ve experienced the power of healing through writing, you always want to be honest with yourself. Writing with transparency helps you live with integrity, always pointing in the direction of your best self.

By the way, Joan, I’m excited to offering a new online class, “Writing for the Health of It,” beginning June 1.
--Jan, you have a blog, or shall I say a vlog, called “Awakened Living,” and an online magazine called Buddha Chick Life.  These sites help women to “practice mindfulness,  loving kindness and self-compassion which is a quote from your website, What message can you give our readers that can start them on this journey to self?
Take time to know yourself. Give yourself permission to slow down so that you can hear the call of your Wise Self. She wants you to be truly happy and healthy. Each of us has the ability to make choices to live more peaceably, more kindly, with ourselves—even if we think we don’t. All it takes is Passion, Permission, and Persistence!  Each of us can rouse our self from “sleep-living.” We need to wake-up to who we really are and how we are meant to live. Otherwise we’re hamsters on a hamster wheel, going ‘round and ‘round, just getting by. It really comes down to getting fiery about your well-being and being willing to make the life choices which support that. I believe every woman can do this.
--You are an amazing woman.  How do you keep up with all that you do?
I don’t think I’m amazing, Joan. I am pretty “regular.” I just know how I want to live my life. I am “driven” to live with great calm in my life. An oxymoron, I know. Ha! I’ve had enough years of stress and anxiety to fill many lifetimes. So each day, moment by moment, I try to choose how to respond to life (vs. react) so that I am as calm, clear, and wise as I can be. I try to take good care of myself all throughout the day by being mindful, holding true to self-compassionate practices, etc. I read, listen to music, play, eat healthfully, engage with like minded others, meditate, write, connect with Nature. And I think naps are terribly underrated, “sacred rest,” I call it. Nothing like a good nap to get you back on track! This is how I “keep up” with myself. (wink)
--What “job” gives you the most joy, mentoring, teaching, writing, or speaking, and why do you feel this way?
I love each of them equally. Each has its own special joy. But if someone were to say I could pick only one, I’d have to choose writing. Give me a pen and paper (or computer), a comfy couch, and a cup of tea and I’m one happy girl. Writing actually morphs into teaching and speaking for me. Though I do love journeying with people one-on-one through spiritual direction/mentoring. It is an honor to companion someone on her life journey.
--Jan, can you give our readers a meditation today that they can take to heart?
How about a 90-Second Blessing for Inner Calm? Enjoy!
Blessings upon your beautiful heart. May peace of body, mind, heart and soul be yours!

Thank you so much for all that you do to embrace and lift up women!  We are fortunate to have you in our midst.
 Jan, thanks for being a guest on the joan-zone.   Readers, please find Jan’s links listed below!

"Writing for the Health of It" course:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

April's Guest Anne L. Holmes--Boomer Extraordinaire!


Happy Spring Everyone!  

Today I have a special guest, Anne L. Holmes, PR and Marketing, and Boomer extraordinaire!  Anne has her fingers in many “pies”, as co-owner of BoomerCo,owner of the blog, Boomerlifestyle, and as Boomer-in-chief at the National Association for Baby Boomer Women (NABBW).  Welcome to the joanzone,  Anne!
Anne, I see you have an extensive background in PR, Marketing and Communications.  You really have a stunning Linkedin page that showcases your experience in mentoring, including mentoring authors--that is very interesting to me!  I also am impressed with your company BoomerCo.

Can you tell me what lead you to starting BoomerCo, Anne?
I’ve been a business owner for a long time. My first company – which no longer exists -- was a PR and marketing firm eponymously called Anne Holmes & Associates. I started that in the late 80s when the PR firm I had worked for went out of business. I named the company after myself, because that seemed to be the traditional thing to do with ad agencies.  And besides, I was initially a “one woman show.”
That company thrived and eventually my husband quit his job as an IT director for a major chiropractic university and joined me. Before you knew it, we had over a dozen employees. We morphed from being a PR firm that understood how to use technology to benefit our clients’ communication needs into a web design and interactive technology-focused firm that understands how to use PR and marketing techniques.
But we really stumbled after 9/11. The fact is, when those Twin Towers fell, it frightened business owners everywhere.  Even though we were located in the Midwest and not NYC, we were serving a national client base. Every one of them either put contracted projects on hold or cancelled them. Bottom line: We lost a year’s worth of business overnight.
Our accountant advised us to close our doors. But I didn’t want to put all our employees out of work. The only way to stay open was to “go virtual.” So we gave all our employees whatever office equipment they needed -- and sent them home to work.  That way, we eliminated the expense of running an office building. 
This decision worked fine for most of the employees. But we had to find new customers. Instead of working with medium to large sized corporations, we found a new niche in helping small entrepreneurs and start-up businesses build effective websites.
To mark the change of focus, we closed AHA and opened BoomerCo, which focuses on online publishing solutions for boomers, bloggers and businesses. One reason was that if we ever decide to sell our businesses, it will be a lot easier to sell a company that isn’t named after one of the owners! Plus, the new name is descriptive and easier to remember. 

Anne, how did you get into the business of mentoring boomers, and boomer authors?
After 9/11, our new focus was on helping entrepreneurial and startup businesses build effective websites – sites that allowed them to be virtual vendors, selling products and services online. As you may be aware, Baby Boomers are the largest demographic when it comes to entrepreneurial business startups.  
Boomer authors are a significant entrepreneurial niche – especially because they realize that few authors are going to be lucky enough to get rich merely by writing a book. They know that successful boomer authors need to sell something beyond books  -- it could be coaching, consulting, or speaking services. Or maybe ancillary tools and products. In any case, they need to work with a web developer who understands how to market them successfully.
Starting BoomerCo was a logical decision for us, because (a) both my husband and I are Baby Boomer entrepreneurs, so we understand how they think. And (b) I had focused my grad school studies on effectively communicating with older audiences.  

Anne, I am particularly interested in your connection with NABBW, the National Association of Baby Boomer Women, which is a wonderful organization and resource for Boomer women.  How did you come to be the spokesperson for this organization?
It’s a long story. But the short answer is that my husband and I met Judith Sherven, PhD. , one of NABBW’s wonderful  Associates, at a conference in Las Vegas. When she learned about our company, BoomerCo, she was fascinated.
She immediately shared her affiliation with NABBW and told us that founder Dotsie Bregel wanted to sell her NABBW websites – but only to someone who would be willing to lovingly grow and nurture them.  We quickly got in touch with Dotsie who was already talking to several other suitors... The match was so perfect the next thing we knew we’d bought the NABBW properties.  I dubbed myself NABBW’s “Boomer in Chief” -- and the rest is history.

What can women gain from a membership in NABBW, Anne?
NABBW exists to support and enhance the lives of Baby Boomer women.  Our goal with the NABBW is to benefit you and help you live a better life. We’re here to engage you, inspire you, make you think, and help you feel your best – physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.
Our goal is to encourage you – not just to dream of what your future might be — but to share “networking opportunities” that will help you fulfill your dreams.
To get a better understanding of the values of an NABBW membership, I advise you to spend a little time . There’s LOADS of free content there!

Anne, what kind of free teleseminars are available to members of NABBW?
We do at least two – generally three -  teleseminars a month.
All focused on the wide variety of topics we know are of interest to Baby Boomer women.  Within that realm, one is always on a financially-themed topic, including business start-up, since we know Boomers are so entrepreneurial. A second always features a health/wellness or socially-focused topic. We know Boomer women have voracious appetites for all sorts of information, so we try to keep these calls content rich – not fluffy!
Our live teleseminars are free and open to the public. We record them  and access to the downloadable recordings is another benefit of Gold Level membership.

Anne, what’s a Gold Level NABBW member?
Currently the basic membership in NABBW is free.  But as with many membership organizations, the basic level of membership doesn’t include all of our services and benefits.
Gold Level NABBW members pay a small annual fee for an enhanced level of membership. 
As I see it, the Gold Level of NABBW membership is perfect for Boomer women who are consultants, authors or business owners, as Gold Level members actually have the opportunity to help us create some of our content.
We promise to publish one article a month for them on the NABBW site, plus they have the opportunity to send us one short “news byte” a month which we publish in the Member News section of our monthly newsletter,  Boomer Women’s World. Additionally, we publish reviews of their books and products, and I select my teleseminar guests from our Gold membership.
I will soon be making a few changes in the way we handle our membership, and at that time, NABBW Gold members will have even more benefits and opportunities
Tell me about your blog, Boomerlifestyle, Anne?
BoomerLifestyle is the blog I started BEFORE we bought the NABBW properties. I’ve neglected it a bit since I took on my NABBW duties, though lately I have begun hosting guest bloggers there,  to keep it fresh. There’s a lot of good content on Boomerlifestyle, all focused on Boomer-centric topics like health and fitness, food and recipes, lifestyle, relationships, spirit and faith, travel and leisure, and of course, work, money and retirement!

Do you have any projects on the horizon, Anne?
I’ve always got something in the works. Right now I am working on a major revision to the NABBW site. After that, I want to give a new look to our fantastic forum, Boomer Women Speak

Anne, you seem to be a very empowered, high-energy woman.  How do you stay on top with all that you have on your plate?
I am blessed with a supportive husband, a talented staff, and a fantastic group of NABBW Associates, all experts on topics of interest to Boomer women. Plus I’ve learned  the value of getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well, eating healthy foods and making time for physical activity allow me to tackle my workday with energy and gusto. Plus, of course, I love what I do!

Do you have any suggestions for women who are trying to recreate themselves, Anne?
Go for it! And don’t try to do it alone. Consider hiring a coach. Or at least aligning yourself with a supportive group of friends and a mentor or accountability partner, who you talk to at least weekly.  Stay away from doubters and naysayers. Read a lot, make plans and know that you will have to take action – which often means leaving your comfort zone. 
I started working with a coach about eight years ago and now have a weekly mentoring call to keep me focused and accountable.
I’ve also been a coach – running both one-on-one and group sessions. Having been on both a coach and a “coachee,” I can personally attest to coaching’s value.

What inspires you, Anne?
All kinds of things inspire me: My relationship with God, the beauty of the universe, the support of my husband and family, and my need to leave a mark on the world.
But I can’t deny that I also get really jazzed by the communications I get from NABBW members, who tell me that something I said on a teleseminar call, or something they read on the site changed their lives. 
 I love getting those messages – and knowing I am making a difference!  And I’m always amazed at which things end up having the most impact on people.
For example, I once got a tearful message of appreciation from a woman listener over something I‘d said as a toss-away comment: “The purpose of a business is to make money. If you’re running a business but not making money, all you really have is an expensive hobby.”    
“Who would thunk” THAT was a life-altering thought? Apparently for her, it was just the ”kick in the pants” she needed to stop pretending she was running a business. And start focusing on profitability.

Touche, Anne!  I can certainly relate to that last remark!
Thank you ,Anne,  for a very right-on interview, and for your sage advice for the joanzone and its followers. 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interview with Carolyn Flannery, Long Time Member of NOW!

Carolyn Flannery

Hello All!  I would like to introduce a dear friend of mine, Carolyn Flannery.  Carolyn is one of the most intelligent and hip women I know, and a long time member of NOW, the National Organization for Women.  I wanted to share Carolyn and her experiences over the years with NOW, so, here goes!
Carolyn, you have a very interesting background.  Tell me a little about yourself and how and when you became a member of NOW?

 I think I have spent the last 50 years overcoming the misconceptions of the first 18 years of my life.  I grew up and attended college  in  West Virginia which is southern in culture and deep in the bible-belt.  It was an era when southern culture taught women not to be too smart or too competitive and the bible told us to get married and obey our husbands.  The repression of women was blatant and accepted by women and championed by men.  In the fifties, female writers were beginning to discuss  the feelings of despair and discontent of women and many women were questioning long standing traditions.  In 1963, Betty Friedan’s, The Feminine Mystique, expressed  the feelings of millions of women,  including myself.  This started a mainstream dialogue addressing women’s issues.

In 1966, Friedan, Pauli Murray and others formed the National Organization for Women.  I was married and living in California at the time and in 1968 I heard of a NOW group in Los Angeles. Although I was a married stay-at-home mom and was an atypical member of this particular group, it worked out great.  I have been involved  in women’s rights since that time.  Attending college in the sixties encouraged me to be a activist.  I am generally involved in several causes and I have been involved in other women’s groups but always find my way back to NOW.

You were living in California at the time you joined NOW.  Can you tell me some of the ERA events in the 60’s that you were involved in?

This was an interesting question to think about because of the different way we communicate now.  From the beginning of NOW,  ratification of the ERA was one of its objectives.    Before the ERA was passed by Congress in 1972 (after being introduced in 1923) the main goal was to put pressure on Congress to pass the ERA.  In those days, visits to our legislators, letter writing campaigns, sit-ins, and publicity for blatant anti-female behaviors were typical tactics.  After passage of the ERA, the proposed 27th amendment was sent to the states for ratification and the real work began.  Then we had to fight corporate interests that thought the ERA would be bad for business, states’ rights advocates, insurance companies, and anti-feminist myths among others.   Eleanor Smeal once said that the ERA was not defeated over principles, but with cold, hard cash. 

You are still a member of NOW and attend local meetings.  What do you get from these meetings, today?

I enjoy the camaraderie of women who understand the feminist movement and its importance.  I feel women’s rights are constantly at risk and we need to be diligent  in our efforts to improve the lives of women everywhere and NOW is at the forefront of the battle. People have not given us rights; we have fought for them.  Remember it took over 70 years of activism for women to get the vote and we are still working on the ERA.

How much do you think NOW. has improved life for women in the USA and the world?

You can name any cause that raises the status of women and find evidence of the women’s movement.  NOW has heavily influenced the acceptance of women in business, government, and in positions formerly deemed “men’s work” - doctors, attorneys,  business owners, etc.  Laws concerning equal pay, college admission, Title VII, Title IX, , ERA,  etc. owe NOW a great deal. Certainly the dialogue  and subsequent laws regarding domestic violence, sex trafficking,  and rape have improved women’s lives and would not have been addressed by male lawmakers without pressure.  The battle for sex education, birth control, and reproductive rights would have been impossible without NOW. 

How have you been personally impacted by NOW.?
When I first became involved with NOW it was a place where women could meet and help each other while working for change.  It also gave me information and sometimes the courage to speak up when I saw or heard women being discriminated against.  Looking back I think NOW has empowered me in many areas of my life -relationships, marriage, employment-  and certainly NOW influenced the way I raised my daughter. 

Would you encourage women of any age to join their local NOW organization?

I always hate to prescribe.  BUT, I believe women can benefit personally from involvement with NOW and certainly the battle for equality is not over.   On a personal level, everyone can grow as a person and as a NOW member you will be getting support and information that you might not get otherwise.  Even those women that for a myriad of reasons don’t like the “feminist” label should understand  that how they look and act is the result of a male dominated society.  Who can argue against an equal society where women have the same rights and privileges as men?

Absolutely, who can argue against that!  Thank you Carolyn, for the wonderful interview!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  If you haven't had any special attention this week, please give yourself some!

Peace Out!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Guest Blogger for the joan-zone, Linda C. Robinson, Life Coach for Women


Happy New Year!  
Today I want to introduce a very special person, Linda Robinson, who  is a professionally trained and ICF Certified Life Coach.  Her specialty is designing and facilitating customized life balance programs for women who want peace.
Linda, I see that you worked as an executive assistant in an orthopedic device company before      you started coaching.  What was the impetus for that career move?
Supporting top executives in corporate life suited me well for many years and the salary and benefits were more than enough to meet my needs.  But over the years I lost my enthusiasm and became increasingly bored with the work itself, tired of the long hours and the pressure of multi-tasking.

Eventually I realized that the work had somehow become meaningless to me and it felt like I no longer "fit" in the corporate world.  I had grown weary of working on someone elses' vision of success and knew I wanted something more.

Of course I didn't know what the "something more" was exactly.  I just knew I wanted to feel more inspired every day, I wanted work that felt more meaningful to me, and I wanted more time to myself.  A voice inside me kept saying, "I just want some peace and quiet." So I made the conscious decision to slow down the hectic busyness of my life.

I came to understand that the yearning for peace and quiet was really a call to self-discovery. What I really needed was to give myself space to change and grow.

I started asking myself some important questions and paid close attention to my inner voice.  Who am I now at this mid-point in my life?  Why am I here?  What's most important to me? What do I really, really want for the second half?
This inner exploration quickly led to what I can only describe as a significant shift in consciousness. For a while my life looked the same on the outside but everything had changed on the inside. And then what was on the inside started to show up in my outer world.
I started taking better care of myself on all levels -- exercising regularly, making wiser nutritional choices, drinking lots of water every day, expressing my true self more in my relationships, engaging in creative activities and spiritual practices that fed my soul.
Along the way I found my true vocation and a large piece of the "why am I here?" puzzle.  Professional coaching was what I was meant to do next.  Once I knew this, I went back to school for four years, built up some financial reserve, left my corporate job and started my own personal development business.
What was Coach University like and what kind of curriculum would one expect to find?

I consider my coaching education to be as valuable as my spiritual studies. It induced tremendous personal development and provided me with the information, tools, and knowledge I needed to become a strong, ethical, intuitive leader in my life and to grow a successful coaching practice.
Coach U. is the leading global provider of online training for individuals interested in entering the fields of personal and professional coaching.
In addition to personal development work and the business side of coaching, Coach U.’s curriculum emphasizes a set of guiding competencies that provide a framework from which a coach operates.
The eleven coaching core competencies are:

1.       Meeting ethical guidelines & professional standards
2.       Establishing the coaching agreement
3.       Establishing trust & intimacy with the client
4.       Coaching presence
5.       Active listening
6.       Powerful questioning
7.       Direct Communication
8.       Creating awareness
9.       Designing actions
10.   Planning and goal setting
11.   Managing progress & accountability

For more information on Coach University, please visit
For a wealth of information on the coaching profession and other training schools, please visit

What path has led you to be a coach for women?   

Right from the start, it has been mostly women who have been attracted to my coaching practice. It might have something to do with my openness around spirit, soul, and intuition. In my experience so far, it seems there are more women willing to explore spiritual matters and engage in inner work than men.
More importantly, my own spiritual path has revealed to me that the balancing of masculine and feminine energy is more vital than ever to healing our world and that I am here to inspire openness, trust, authenticity, love, and consciousness. It is my understanding that I am to serve in this way by using my innate talents and coaching skills to foster the growth of feminine energy.
Working closely with women as their life balance coach is a calling of love and service that I find extremely rewarding.  Empowering all of us to navigate meaningful change with courage and grace is my passion, my greatest learning, and my best work in the world.

You have a beautiful mission statement:  “To encourage the growth of feminine energy and
awareness in the world by empowering women to navigate meaningful change with courage
and grace.”   How do you incorporate this into your personal life?

Thank you. This is an insightful question because my mission statement grew out of a desire to forever grow in awareness and empower myself so I could empower other women. Here’s how it integrates with my personal life:
  Being on a path of personal and spiritual growth, I am forever on the lookout for information on spirituality and care of the soul, feminine power, mindfulness, positive psychology, creativity, and the life coaching process. One of my greatest joys is studying and practicing the wisdom I come across, and then sharing it with others.
These studies and practices eventually led to one of my most important realizations -- that my relationship with Spirit (God , Consciousness) is of primary importance and everything else is secondary.  Of course, mind, body, human relationships, and what happens in the world also have their importance.  But I have learned that when I allow my mind and body to be servants of Spirit, the state of my world improves because I am more effectively serving the world.
When I put Spirit First, I attend to my own true voice above all other voices. The inner voice that whispers of who I really am and what I most love is my sacred guide along life’s journey. I’ve learned that this is the voice of my soul. It arises from Spirit and it speaks the ultimate truth, which is always about love, forgiveness, joy, and giving.
In this way I empower myself to courageously navigate change in my own life, and radiate much-needed, strong feminine energy out into our world.

What simple suggestions could you offer to our readers today to balance their lives?

Life balance is really about choices – lifestyle choices that move us toward feelings of happiness and fulfillment.  We each have the power to choose our direction and act in our own best interest.  But making the most balanced choices can be quite a challenge in this hectic, go-faster world.
Here’s a simple four-step process that can help you make decisions and move in the direction that’s right for you.
Awareness.  Make a conscious effort to pay attention to where you are out of balance in your life, and notice where you can start making changes to get back into balance.
Desire.  Tune in to what you want really, really want – what you want more of in your life, and what you want less of.
Influences.   Identify the positive influences that lead you towards what you want.  And identify the negative influences that move you away from the balance you desire.
Action.  Create a strategy for change and put it into action.
Continually applying these four simple steps when making lifestyle choices will help move you in the direction of more happiness and fulfillment.

I love your quotes and Haiku on your Facebook page.  You often bring peace to me with a quote, poem, or lovely photo.  Would you share one of your Haiku with us today?

Thanks for your kind words, Joan.
Here’s a recent favorite:
Gifts of silence:
the soul’s desires revealed;
spirit speaking.

What message can you impart to our readers today?

Slow down and pay attention.  Listen to your inner voice, take action on those whisperings one small step at a time, and don't ever, ever give up on your “something more.”

Linda, Thank you for your time today!  I feel that, as a coach, and a woman, you have something very important to say to other women.  Please keep lifting us up! 
Here are Linda's links:

Have a peaceful month!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome Friends!

I am launching the Joan-Zone today with the intention to host one person a month who helps or inspires women in a great or small way.  Please get in touch with me and let me know if you are interested in hosting, or want to suggest someone who would want to host.